Led by Ellen Duff

6 Wednesdays | May 15–June 19
4:30–5:30p | $104 | Registration required; No Drop-ins

This Restorative Yoga class is a time to nourish, nurture and create balance in your body, mind, and spirit.  Students will connect to the body through sequencing that supports our whole being. Ellen will provide breath awareness, visualization, and auditory guidance creating an imprint empowering the student.  A restorative practice frequently relies on the use of props to achieve a deep level of relaxation.  

This deep conscious relaxation benefits all the organ systems of the body.  A few of the measureable results include: reduced blood pressure, lower serum triglycerides & blood sugar levels; increase in “good” cholesterol; improved digestion, elimination, and fertility; relaxed muscles; and reduced insomnia & generalized fatigue.  These benefits work together to create a more harmonious state of being.  Research shows the effects of rest calm the nervous system and reverse the effects of stress and aging.   

Through the techniques of the practice, you awaken grace, poise, flexibility, balance, strength, and present moment awareness. As a tool for self-transformation, restorative yoga facilitates the integration of all the layers of life—environmental, physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual—culminating in the goal of all goals, awakening to your own divine nature.

This is a great class for people who are new to yoga (beginners) as well as those who are recovering from certain injuries or trauma, those who need to de-stress from work, and those or restore from a more vigorous yoga practice (or who workout, run, lift weights, play golf, play tennis and/or participate is other moderate/vigorous sports and exercise programs).

Each class ends with a meditative guided relaxation called Yoga Nidra which can bring the healing effects of deep sleep to the mind as well as body restoring your whole being. 

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Wednesdays 4:30 pm
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