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This morning was so special. When I spend time with my mentor, Laura Jane Mellencamp, I always leave feeling inspired and connected to who I am. I feel at peace, appreciated, and full of love. She’s a true yogi at heart, and lives dedicated to the teachings and of service. Read Lindsay's full account of her time at Yoga Among Friends on her blog, Linyasa Yoga!

Lindsay W.

You will feel at home, inside yourself, as well as inside this space. Yoga, like other mindful practices, has the ability to improve everything about someone's life, the catch is finding a place that can teach you how to cultivate this daily or weekly practice in an honest way. For me, Yoga Among Friends (YAF) has been in & out of my life for over twelve years for just this very reason.  Like a dear friend, the amount of time in between visits melts away upon entering the space and I am right where I left off.  The studio space is clean, simple, and sunlit. I live several towns away, but any chance I get to do something for myself, this is the first place & activity that comes to mind.  There's not one worry about my appearance, if my yoga pants are trendy, my age, my ability, it's a place to just be.  YAF creates an all-welcoming environment by laying an equal foundation for students through focusing on what is possible for each individual then creating an enjoyable collective experience, always taught by capable & caring instructors. I can see this being a good location to try a class if you never have done yoga before all the way through to those who are well versed.  These types of studios are gems!  Downers Grove is lucky to have YAF.

—Melissa S.

Started yoga recently after years of going to the gym, and working with a personal trainer. Yoga Among Friends is awesome.  I look and feel better than I ever have and it's only been 3 weeks. People are friendly and the instructors are very knowledgeable.  They offer different classes for all levels and are very helpful.  

I have been to both Janice's and Laura Jane's classes as well as some of the other instructors: Candy, Karen and Joyce. Each had her own style but they were good classes. Just find which class works the best for you in terms of style and time offered.  There are still other instructors I haven't met. So in terms of classes offered -- this place has it.

—Cheryl R.

This was the first, and only studio I have visited since moving to the area a year ago - there's no reason to go anywhere else. They offer a wide variety of classes and instructors to meet your needs.

The atmosphere is incredible - everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The instructors believe in letting yogis have their own practice, rather than those "gyms" that have a right and wrong way to practice. They're even willing to work with you before/after class and provide tips on improving and getting to where you want to be in your own personal practice. Highly recommended!

—Ashley M.

Ashley Mead, a digital marketing consultant, gives us a rave! Check out her blog for her review of Yoga Among Friends! Thanks Ashley!

I appreciate the integrity of teaching and respect for tradition at Yoga Among Friends. Students receive individual attention and inspiration to grow. If you are new, it is a safe environment to learn. If you're more experienced, you are challenged to deepen. YAF is a sanctuary that nourishes me ~ body, mind and spirit. Also, I love the people and sense of community - it truly lives up to it's name.

—Mary Lothrop

Finding yoga changed my life. It helps me find ways to honor the totality of who I am. I watch as my friend and I age, I am now 67, and I see that those of us us that participate in yoga stay physically and mentally flexible. That is the promise of yoga and it delivers. Yoga Among Friends is a place to experience a caring and compassionate community. It is an oasis in the midst of an often disconnected world. The teachers combine both a professional and personal way of interacting with students. They encourage without pushing. They are special people who are helpful in ways that are hard to express. They made me feel at home at once.

Nancy Hill, LCSW

I was SO THRILLED to find this yoga studio. It's authentic, it's spiritual, it's real!  It's not a chain, it doesn't feel like a gym, it's perfect. They have all types of yoga: Hatha, Ivengar, Vinyasa, and meditation times. There are even classes for kids and teens. There are different levels on the website.  I went to a level 2/3 class (highest) and it was intense.  Headstands, backbends, and crazy yoga postures. The atmosphere in the yoga room can't be beat. Go there. Pick a class that meets your level. Experience it. Love it!!!!

—Stacy C.