Led by Denise Krell

4 Tuesdays* | Apr 4–25, 2017
8-9:15a | FREE | RSVP kindly requested.

*Class does meet on Tuesdays. Our recent newsletter incorrectly listed Wednesday.


Ashtanga Introduction Classes
—May and Beyond—

Starting May 2, Ashtanga will be a part of our regular drop-in schedule on Tuesdays from 8-9:15am for $18/class or use a class pass. You will find the class on our schedule page as well as in the class descriptions.

Ashtanga yoga is distinct from most kinds of yoga today because it has been passed down from teacher to student for thousands of years. It has a set sequence of postures, breathing method and movements that are followed each class.  There are more than 81 positions of the Primary Series that might be done in each class.  The postures can be done by EVERYONE and are tailored to each person. The teacher uses many hands-on adjustments to ease students into the positions. 

Through practice and time, emphasis shifts from postures and vinyasa movements to include smooth breathing, gazing points and energy locks. Posture, breath, gazing point, set movements and energy locks require deep concentration. Students are drawn inward. Ashtanga Yoga practice is a moving meditation.


Denise Krell, RYT 500
For Denise, Ashtanga/Mysore affects her entire life. She discovered yoga in 1978 with a university academic yoga class, followed shortly thereafter with a hatha yoga physical education class.

She studied at the Sri K. Patabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, Mysore, India. Today she is honored to have Sri Sharathji as her teacher, the world authority of Ashtanga/Mysore yoga and grandson of Patabhi Jois. Sharath recently passed her into the Second Series. She also has a dedicated Mysore practice under Sharath’s student, Todd Boman. 

Denise leads a quiet life. In warm weather, she spends countless hours in her flower beds and takes her dog, Chase, on adventures in the woods. She'll roll up her sleeves to take on home improvement projects. True books are her preferred reading material. She has a rich family life, married with a grown son. She visits with her extended family often and enjoys adventures with her grand-nieces and nephew who live nearby.



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