Led by Dr. Indu Aurora

Tuesday | Jun 21
6–7:15p | FREE | Registration highly recommended. Space is limited.

Celebrate International Yoga Day with Dr. Indu Aurora!  Practice and witness the transformation.

The Yogis/inis of today...are you scientists? Do you notice how the breath, the heartbeat, the body temperature and the taste in the mouth changes with each asana, each pranayama, and each kriya we perform? What does each of these signs mean? Are you in touch with the real practice? 

Every yoga asana is therapy, as all asanas are to make the mind-body apparatus healthy for the subtle energy to move into madhya patha (sushumna). Yoga is not merely learning the sanscrit names, standing on one's head, chanting mantras or reciting sutras. It is inner transformation...that happens only with awareness!

Is Yoga a work out or work-in? I say it is a work-in as the goal of the practice is self-mastery and the self is much beyond the body. This is an unique model developed through life time practice of masters. You may have tried many yoga classes and styles before; but this one might open your eyes to discover a new meaning of the subject.

Dr. Indu Arora is a Ayurveda and Yoga Therapist based out of United States. Her teachings are deeply rooted in her philosophy: ‘Nothing has the greatest power to heal, but Self.’ She is the author of Mudra: The Sacred Secret and Yoga - Ancient Heritage, Tomorrow’s Vision books.


This special class is free. However, space is limited and you must register to confirm your spot. To register, click the button to fill out the registration/waiver form. Note: Students registering on the day of the event should call the studio first at 630-960-5488.