10 week series | $100 ($12 drop-in)
11/10–2/2 (no class 11/24, 12/22, 12/29)
YogaKids® Ages 3-8 years 3:45–4:45 pm
Tween Yoga Ages 9-12 years 4:45–5:45 pm
Registration recommended but drop-ins are welcome! 10 child maximum per class

Tailored for kids with interactive asanas balanced with calming practices. Yoga essentials incorporated to encourage healthy habits, concentration and memory, limber bodies, and sleep-filled nights. This is a class that offers children a freedom from curriculum and competition where creativity, confidence, and courage can flourish. It encourages them to explore their own emotional and physical capabilities and enjoy the peacefulness of relaxation.

As always:

  • If your child would like water during class, bring a water bottle that closes securely. 
  • If your child does misbehave, know that he/she will be given two warnings, and then they will be asked to sit with our “Peace Pig” for 3-5 minutes.

Bathrooms are located near the yoga room.

Krista Fox was introduced to Hatha/Vinyasa yoga about 10 years ago and immediately took to the practice.  She soon discovered a new strength and flexibility in her body, spirity and everyday living and decided to share that with others...specifically kids.  She embarked on the journey to become a kids instructor and is now YogaKids® certified!

YogaKids® is the original program for empowering kids through yoga and each awesome, inclusive class features activities for kids of all ages and abilities. Her personal YogaKids mission statement is to introduce a modern yoga practice to children using the 14 elements of YogaKids® (art, reading, music, etc.) along with traditional yoga movement to educate the whole child in a mindful, fun, and safe environment.