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Work out your stress and wind down your day with our drop-in yoga class!

Slow Flow Vinyasa 1-2


Thursdays | 6–7:15pm | $18/class or use your class pass
Led by Megan Llambias

During this breath-centered practice, you will experience an intermediate Vinyasa flow practice, but as a calming, slow flow that includes twists and forward folds. We begin exactly how we are: whether we are low energy, stressed, happy, in pain or feeling great after a busy day's work.  

As you move through this breath-centered practice, you will learn to heighten your awareness to the subtle sensations that arise as you dive deeper into the your own individual expression of yoga. Although you will experience flow, what lies beneath the surface is the attitude of relaxed awareness. You will learn to be mindful of each pose and the space in between.

Throughout the class, you will engage in a creative sequence combining conscious awareness of the breath and synchronized movement. Restorative yoga postures and a lying meditation are integrated at the end of the class to come to a deep place of relaxation as we finish the practice.  

Come as you are and leave feeling better! Relaxed and at ease. Your tension soothed;  mind chatter quieted. And ready for a deeper, more replenishing night's sleep. 

For Megan, yoga is about healing. It’s about coming into a safe place to explore your body, breath and most importantly your mind. It’s an opportunity slow down and listen. 

Megan is passionate about people and yoga. To see people’s faces when they walk in... and then when they walk out, for her is the epitome of joy. To witness transformation is an epic gift. Join her on Thursdays! ❤️✨🙏