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Start your morning with our new drop-in yoga class!

Yoga Commitment

Marina Lisjonok

Marina Lisjonok

Tuesdays & Thursdays | 6–7:30am | $18/class or use your class pass
Led by Marina Lisjonok

Asana • Pranayama • Meditation

This inspiring daily class is a complete practice of classical Hatha Yoga with the elements of vinyasa. This means classes will consist of warm-ups (including Sun Salutations), followed by the classical static postures with variations for all levels. Each class will end with pranayama and short meditation. This will help you to awaken and energize your body, obtain a yogic mind, and connect to your spirit to fully show up and attend to your daily activities and responsibilities.

Develop a regular practice and take control of your life. Commit to meet your higher self each morning, and your decisions and your life become original… Start each day with a powerful practice and every challenge becomes opportunity.