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In the midst of all the chaos of mother nature’s erratic behavior of the elements: fires in the west, water in the south, and winds blasting their powerful energy throughout the land. Hurricanes and tornadoes are reminders that form is only impermanent.

I have long surrendered into the practice of letting go; and yet, I am firmly committed to making intention. Outcome is not mine, yet I am fully aware that I must honor a daily practice to bring me into a steady mindful state. In this state of yoga, I can move into a direction of my highest good. I do know that I must seek the light.

Every winter, for the last twenty years, I have created an opportunity to retreat to a deeper place of nourishment. To unplug and go into a quiet still place of mind so that I can listen to the wonders that life is always presenting in the direction of my heart.

I am inviting you join me this February in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Yoga Among Friends' annual retreat is a time to share in the study of yoga. Whether you have never practiced yoga or you are a yoga teacher, I will meet you where you are; and together, we'll take the journey in the adventures of going into the authentic nature of the soul’s desire to live fully. 

Exhaustion, fear and uncertainty are by products of our busy world. To come on retreat is to spend time learning how to practice asana and pranayama so that the effects can bring about a joyous state of wellbeing.

Hosting these retreats, offer me a time and place to share the philosophies of the yoga sutras, to teach the many tools of meditation and to share our stories. We have ample private time to enjoy all that Cabo and the surrounding area has to offer; and yet, the greatest gift of these weeks has always been the lasting friendships that have formed and continue to grow. 

Community is key to the humanity of heart. This week is an opportunity to gather together and say hello to your true self and let the beauty of Prana Del Mar take away the stresses of daily living so you can return renewed, energized and open to living life in LOVE.

Enjoy each day with love and light,

Laura Jane

2018 Yoga Retreat in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Saturday, February 17 – Saturday, February 24, 2018

Prana del Mar Retreat and Wellness Center

Be sure to register now and benefit from the $100 savings. Early bird pricing ends on October 1, so don’t miss out on the offer! We look forward to seeing you there.