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"It is the experience of what resides deeply in your heart that gives rise to an illuminated mind, a mind filled with wisdom and knowledge, with understanding and compassion. You can think all you want, and get no where. It is the heart that illumines the mind, not the other way around.”
–- Chetananada

I have often said that our minds are too hot and our hearts too cold, and that we must warm the heart, feel the glow of the inner light as pure conscious awareness for the mind to be illuminated in a balanced state of yoga. 

With yoga, we are able to step out of the reactive habit of worry, doubt, and/or fear and take action from a decerning place of clarity that arises from a balanced state of mind, and arising from this state is an illuminated heart; the pure essence of one’s true nature or greater Self.

In these turbulent times of unrest and agitation of the small mind, we need the tools of yoga and the mindful focus meditation to be able to live in compassion and understanding that is not intellect but intelligence. This knowing arises when we are firmly established in our witness or in our source, our soul.

Yoga is a pathway into this higher consciousness and to be able to live in a balance state where we feel stable and confident to live to our highest potential. In our busy, crazy over-extended world, these ancient practices are needed more than ever.

I never wanted to be a yoga teacher when I embarked on my first yoga training in 1989. I just wanted to learn more about this ancient science that was offering me a gateway into my inner life. Today, I have surrendered into my passion of teaching and have found endless joy in sharing my heart with my students.

After many years of going deeper into the therapeutic yoga system, I have decided to offer a teacher’s training for those students that long to go into the philosophy and the physiology of yoga in a stuctured 200 hour teacher training program. Julie Pate and I are offering this course to bring our community together and nourish those that want and desire to understand these tools for enhancing the wellbeing of one’s life.

Yoga is a lifestyle of enhanced wellbeing that starts with learning the function of the asana and breath versus just the form. We'll go deeper into self study as it links to our inner desires to live authentically and in JOY.

Julie and I will be hosting a gathering this Saturday, October 14 from 3:30-4:30pm to further explain our program and answer questions that might be presented in thinking about going forward. You can also read more about the program here.

Furthermore, I am thrilled this month to host Shelly Craigo from the Himalayan Institute as we embark on a special practice of Rudra Yaga, turning darkness into light through our personal practice. Shelly is traveling to communities across the country to spread this message on how to participate on a personal and collective level, and we are fortunate to have her here at Yoga Among Friends to share this timeless practice with us.

Enjoy each day with love and light,

Laura Jane

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Information Meeting

SATURDAY OCTOBER 14, 3:30–4:30pm

Join Laura Jane Mellencamp-Murphy and Julie Pate to learn about a very unique program that will deepen your knowledge of yoga holistically and act as a gateway to open your heart to transformation. Perfect for everyone including nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, and others in health professions. 200 Hour Yoga teacher training starts January 2018 and will meet one weekend a month.

Interested, but can't make the meeting...  No worries! We'll be holding another meeting in November. Click the RSVP button below for details.