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Wake up

I love the early morning quiet, the magical stillness of the dark. In this space of dawn's awakening I am slowly roused with an inner desire to connect to something more as the muse of passion once again pushes me out of bed. It is at the cusp of this sacred time that the Soul begs to be heard and I at once go inward and listen.

Passion is the muse of authenticity. She is the primordial, pulsating energy that infuses all of life, the numinous presence made known with every beating heart. It is what the Sun feels for the Earth, it is what Spirit feels for you, the inner Self, the light within.

Without hearing the spark of passion we continue in our blind habits - rushing through our daily lives, moving through the mundane. Until one day we wake up and realize how exhausted, depleted, and saddened we are. We wonder where our passions have gone and why we no longer feel grateful for the bounty of life. In this time of darkness, we need to awaken the fire within and recognize our responsibility to something Greater that lives in all of us - our Soul.

Watch the sun rise

We are witness to the auspicious season of sacred darkness and gratitude as we moves ever closer to the Winter Solstice. As we prepare for the season of light, it is important that we nourish ourselves in this space and reflect on the wonders and blessings of being alive - alive in the mystery of living a full and passion-filled life. This does not mean a life devoid of struggles, sorrows or challenges. I am speaking of a life filled with gratitude and lived fully, rooted in the inner strength of your own authentic love for being - in essence, a life lived with passion for life itself.

Easier said than done, right? To live authentically and in gratitude means that you have a willingness to let go of the mind's fear and resistance with a readiness to receive assistance as you move forward through your heart. All of life's actions move through the heart - it is only our head that shouts "NO". This is the voice that clings to the "could've, should've, would've" sentiments. The fearless action to live in passion is love. And living through love takes a courage that only your inner voice can offer - when you listen you can hear the sweet "YES" of living authentically and in gratitude.

Even in this season or darkness we have so much to be grateful for. Take the time to create space within and reveal your inner light. Remove the cloud of darkness as you revel in your inner Joy at being alive to all of life. Breathe into the flames of your desire as you light the fires of your true belonging. Remember that practice of Yoga is so much more than just being on a mat. It is the gateway to reveal the Source within.

Let the light shine

The light is always within. Don't be fooled by harsh outer weather, it is only there to remind us, that there must be darkness for the light to be seen. Oh the sun is coming up!! Blessings for a Joyous season of gratitude and continue to shine!!


Laura Jane