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Yoga Among Friends has always been dedicated to the human spirit and to the healing of our community through yoga. Our mission continues to be fostering individual transformation as a means to encourage the authentic expression of the soul to thrive and to extend compassion and kindness in our lives. Everyone is welcome no matter their body type, their age, or their injuries. We are a helping center for the mind, body and soul. And only in meeting you where you are, can we respect and nourish our gifts of life.

Remember to take time to go inward and reconnect to the quiet, the sacred of everyday living. The human spirit is amazing and yet we forget to turn off that noise of the mind. We continue to rush after those roaming thoughts. This summer learn to quiet the chatter and connect to the wisdom of your soul. We all struggle with the hectic pace of life. The teachings of yoga are not just about getting a fit body, but it is also for the heart to open, the mind to quiet, and the full expression of your joy to be be revealed. Surrender the frustration of the worry, doubts and fear that is the habit of the roaming mind, and fall into the sweetness of peace, the gifts of coming back inward! Tap into the heart, your inner light and share this joy with friends!

Laura Jane



What supports us in our daily lives? 

The word "Dharma" which comes from the root meaning "to support" or that which holds us together is the central law of our being according the ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. It is the universal law inscribed on every cell of our being, and yet the little mind or our ego gets in the way of the listening to this inner wisdom. Our personal dharma in our present context, is both the gifts and challenges of ourselves.

On the spiritual path, we start from where we stand-where we are now. We support the soul by standing in our confidence to be ourselves, to root in our integrity in what is the highest good for all beings. The more we live this wisdom of knowing, the healthier our body becomes, the calmer our mind becomes, the deeper our love and wisdom become. We begin healing and nourishing our own light so that later on, as our capacities grow, our opportunities for service will become greater. As a yoga community, it is not about the outcome but the effort to be present to our dharma. This will be revealed with practice and patience, and consistency to be present.
This is not easy when our busy lives keep our roaming minds looking always outward. Come inward this summer by practicing with us and be in the light always!!



Forward Bends   

Forward bends are deeply calming asanas that draw us into the inner mysteries and dynamics of our lives. Paschimottasana translates from Sanskrit as "west extending pose" signifying the sunset of a practice traditionally initiated facing the rising sun. As we fold into ourselves, the pose naturally lends to deeper self-refection, which can be emotionally nourishing or difficult depending on what comes up. Sometimes yoga is not a "feel good". In stimulating the pelvic and abdominal organs, the subtle energetic effects of forward bends are concentrated in the lower chakras. This often reveals base emotions held deep in our body.

Going inward can be a challenge. The eyes see the pose as trying to get to the feet or only to stretch the hamstrings; and hence, this asana can cause harm when not using the exhale breath focus. Taught correctly, the pose is not about "getting" to touch the feet. It is about extending the spine and moving the mind into the lower abdomen so as to strengthen the core and bring the focus into the Self.  


With practice and patience, the back side gradually releases and allows the graciousness of the forward bend to manifest. Before moving into the asana, one must develop the inner support of Dandasana, the foundation for all forward bending poses. Keep the sitting bones rooted, legs active, breath steady and the heart center lifted and spacious!