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Mother Nature never ceases to amaze me. Last week's full moon reminded me that reflection is the gift of humanity. This week, I have been reflecting on kindness. How does it show up in my life? Am I being kind to myself and nurturing the quality of kindness in my actions of daily living? Can I hold compassion for all beings in the midst of the horrors of war and the thousands of souls being uprooted from their homeland forever? Can I remain peaceful and passionate while I witness this humanitarian catastrophe? Politicians speak of putting up walls to separate us and I wonder if this will embrace a kinder world?  Each one of us has a perspective on the situation, and yet, will walls be the solution to ease the suffering?

If I go inward and quiet my mind I practice pratipaksha bhavana - the practice of pausing and reflecting in an effort to feel from another's perspective. This practice allows me to clear my mind of limiting and learned habits so I can share in the gift of compassion. It starts with my willingness to go inward and be kind to my Self. In this way, love is more than a thought - it becomes the act of loving kindness.

Sometimes, I feel we are overheating the mind too much, causing so much animosity, fear and doubt that the heart gets frozen. Can we cool the mind and keep our hearts warm? As we move into fall, take time to pause and go inward to quiet the roaming mind. Meditation is the tool of a focused mind and an open heart. By cultivating a meditation practice you will focus the mind and experience stillness. This will allow kindness to become an intention for living with courage and to be more loving, especially to your Self.

I hope this season will inspire you to be gentle and nourish your heart; take down the walls of separation; and enjoy the incredible wonders of living a life of loving kindness as part of a heartfelt community. This month we are honored to host amazing teachers and workshops designed to cultivate loving kindness. I hope you take the time to share with us as we come together to raise the consciousness of the soul as we seek to make this world a kinder place to live.


Laura Jane