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On April 1st we celebrated our 17th anniversary! It's hard to believe that I am still just as passionate and inspired by yoga as I was when I opened the doors in 1998. Yoga has been the toolbox for my life and I am forever grateful to the amazing teachers, students, and community that have supported our presence in Downers Grove.

The teaching path of yoga is one of service. I often find myself struggling to balance the fact that I am running a business with the understanding that my true purpose is in teaching the sacred. I deeply appreciate you, our students, who understand that yoga is more than an exercise routine, and that Yoga Among Friends is so much more than a fitness center - it is a spiritual home.

It is my truest hope that we will continue to inspire you to see the beauty of your life's purpose and to be present with your True Self. May we continue to shine as a place of nourishment and sustain the integrity of our roots that allow for the well-being of these incredible teachings to thrive.


Laura Jane