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This is my simple religion.There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own heart is our temple- the philosophy is KINDNESS. Wherever you go ... go with all your heart. Dali Lama

Kindness is an attitude that comes from the effort to see beyond our fears or judgments. Refine the mind and shift the habits of reactive thought to a response of compassion. We are all in this world together and to embrace a forgiving nature takes the willingness to shift old patterns and habits. 

Yoga is more than looking good .. it is being able to love and forgive, and having the ability to share the heart with others. Our community is so important in these challenging times and together we can share in a consciousness of vitality and joy. Please celebrate this New Year by letting go of doubt and committing to thriving in fearless Love.

Blessings to every one and Happy NEW YEAR!

Laura Jane