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The first step towards a deeper understanding of breath is to learn how to breathe in a way that our subtle bodies are finely tuned as the harp is tuned to respond to the wind. It's easy to take breath for granted. If we live life passionately and really love being here, we will want to explore the depths of breath.

My consciousness is profoundly linked to breath and I am able to influence my mood with the appropriate use of it. Breath can carry intention from one area of the body to another for special purposes. Correct breathing makes it possible to choose the way you wish to travel.

There is a great message here! When the wind changes we know something different will happen in our world. Collectively we can stir up the winds and create too much agitation for our souls to digest. Or we can understand that the rhythm is vital and can learn to direct the appropriate pattern to create the needed effect for stability.

Pranayama can be practiced every moment of every day. It takes desire to slow the mind down to feel the breath as pure sensation. When we learn to breathe in awareness, there is a chance to come upon this inner being that is our True Self. There is a science to the learning of this yogic breathing and it takes a practice, a teacher, and a desire to be joyful. We come into life with breath and go out with breath.

Every year, Michael Taylor and I host a wonderful retreat in a warm and beautiful space. We come together to share learning and explore the deeper tools of mindfulness. Yoga is not just an exercise for the body; it is a profound practice for awakening the Spirit and listening with our inner ears. I hope that you will consider making this journey to Baha Mexico with us.