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The Language of the Soft Heart

The Language of the Soft Heart

The Language of the Soft Heart

Who are you? Never mind all your fears and insecurities, or all the things you have or would like to have. Forget that you want to be a better person. I don’t want to know your gender, nationality, age, family situation, ethnic background, and certainty not what you do for a living or your political views.

My question is this: what is your true nature? Do you ever ask yourself? Do you use the tools of yoga to ever practice exploring this question?

I’m not asking who you believe yourself to be or how you think other’s see you, but rather what you experience in those moments when you are not caught up in your wants and fears. What do you rely on to give meaning to your life?

These are hard yet essential questions for those who wish to consciously experience life’s fullness. I am always telling myself, Laura Jane, you are NOT your thoughts!

The veil of distraction is filled with wanting what I like and rejecting what I don’t like—the push and pull of life in my little mind. I struggle to remind myself that I am not my history. My habits do not define me as my true self. It is my heart that must find its true path.

Going inward is at times painful, and I do everything to distract myself with the outer world of my addiction to those “shiny objects” of attachment.

I must remind myself always that my practice is not to get anything, but to constantly be willing to let go, soften my heart, and breathe into that which has no form but offers a quality of spaciousness, expansion, lightness and ease. Only then, does the tension drop, and something is revealed in a way my intellect cannot conceive nor understand—the intelligence of “knowing” is felt.


Life is experienced as sensation as I sit in a stillness. I am more than my thoughts; there is a softness in my heart. The heaviness of worry and doubt are lifted, and I feel the flow of life—pure aliveness. I am this; this light of love! Yoga offers us the pathway back to our true nature. In sanskrit this is called the purusha. I call it, my soul. 

By coming to my yoga mat, I am telling my little mind that now we are beginning the journey inward, and I must practice reminding myself that the outer world can wait. It is desire to live in this consciousness of balance that inspires love. I am not here to win, to prove myself better than, or even judge myself as less than. I am only here to shine.

We are all given this beautiful life, and let’s remember to be kinder, gentler, and more forgiving to ourselves. Be willing to find who you truly are on this journey of living. Be courageous, be authentic, and be the language of a soft heart! 

This coming winter, I invite you to join me on the journey back to Prana Del Mar in Cabo, Mexico, my spiritual home, as a way of remembering and reconnecting to one’s true self. I will support you where you are, and I will offer you a safe place to be seen for who you truly are.


Laura Jane

Sutra 3-5 Tad jaya prajna aloke

Sutra 3-5 Tad jaya prajna aloke

When the mind can focus and maintain a direct connection to the heart, there arises the awareness of the True Self, and the splendor of being in deep insight. See our true nature and be the light of unlimited possibility.

As we fast approach the holiday season and the longest nights, we must be reminded that this is also the season of holding the vigil for the light. 

I light my candle to meditate in the early morning dark, and in the evening I put my lights on outside to create a luminous glow around my home. I return to the fireplace as a place of reflection and honor the longer nights as a time to come inside. Coming into my inner home and keeping my inner light nourished in the fast paced world of holiday distractions.

As we come into this season, we tend to get overwhelmed with family activities and busy schedules that challenge the balance of our health—not just physical health but emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. In these challenging times of confusion and emotional exhaustion, we must have a way to connect to that which inspires, uplifts and feeds our souls with hope and love.

I find without a practice, my mind is colluding with all the negative thoughts that spin constantly around me. I must delink from the habit of over thinking, and go into my breath.

The feeling of my aliveness is filled by a radiant sensation of warmth, an inner expansion of being more than my limited physical form. I link to the light, the North Star, the sun, the moon, my candle, my spacious sound of OM and feel the connection that we are all in this together.

Together human hearts can expand in the pure consciousness of love. My intellect never gets how, but through my practice, I can feel that true sense of being enough and full. Full of WONDER as we approach the Season of Giving. 

Take time today, to breath into the light, and from your heart exhale the joy of contentment. And remember to say to yourself, "Thank you", as you go out into your day sharing an inner smile of knowing.

Making the effort to be present is the greatest gift you can give and the quality of your attention is living mindfully in your heart! You are the light!

Enjoy each day with love and light,
Laura Jane

Laura Goes "On the Couch with Pazou"

Laura Goes "On the Couch with Pazou"

Laura Jane Mellencamp on the couch with Tanja Pazou.png

Laura gives a light-hearted, engaging interview with Tanja Pazou about yoga and living consciously and mindfully through the heart.  Watch the 3 part video.

Note: The music stops and the interview starts 1:00 minute into the first video, which is listed at the bottom of the 3 videos on Pazou's website. 

Tanja Pazou has an extensive background in performance art and education, as well as production. She graduated with honors in Munich Germany and she furthered her education in London and Los Angeles. She has a segment on her website, "On the Couch with Pazou".