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Listen in as Laura Jane joins as the featured guest of Christine Kathryn on her podcast, "Creating Space with Christine Kathryn."  

Episode 64, Spacious Relationships: True Belonging, has Laura Jane discussing her belief that we are living in a ‘hot-headed, cold-hearted world,” and her work here is to help cool the mind and warm the heart. Laura Jane and Christine Kathryn spend a good deal of time talking about belonging and how Laura says arriving there is an ‘inside job’. She talks about the greater depth of belonging to everything, and that true belonging is through being in relationship to ‘something greater’. They touch on self-love, and Laura Jane shares her unique perspectives on its relationship to forgiveness and recovery, and how we are all offered this path.

They cover so much more about learning to live in healthy relationship with the world around us, that you might want to have something handy to take notes and possibly listen to it more than once. There’s a lot of concepts you may need to sit with in order to let them soak in. One thing’s for sure, Laura Jane is a spitfire who’s proud to ‘take up a lot of space in this world’ and Christine Kathryn is so glad she does!  

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Christine Kathryn guides women toward self-healing and empowerment by leading them on a journey to find the answers within. She has designed a variety of services to help with the journey toward inner discovery including: one-on-one mentoring, small group mentoring, workshops, and classes. Every Monday, she shares a podcast on topics that provide inspiration and techniques to gain more peace, calmness, and ease in your life.  

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