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Yoga is a journey into the heart of possibility. Our lives can be overwhelmed with the details of daily living. We are constantly being bombarded by unlimited outside stimulation of distracted bias opinions.

The amount of information being directed at us on a daily basis is never given an opportunity to be digested, assimilated and ultimately eliminated. Even as I write this piece for our newsletter, I question how many of us are able to actually read it and even sit in reflection on what my heart is trying to share.  

Life is at times extremely lonely for the soul when our lives are too busy just existing. When we are fully engaged in all our various roles, who can pause enough to make space for being insightful to our deeper longings?

Our inner landscape is ignored when our outer commitments take our attention into worry and fear and ultimately exhaustion. It is in those deep moments of inner pain, that we are humbled to our knees asking for help. It is in those private moments in the willingness to ask that we begin to listen to our inner voice begging to belong.

Every human has the profound need to belong. We find ourselves searching for our tribe, our familiar company that feels inclusive and welcoming. We strive for connection, looking outward to be included in community that nourishes and validates our existence. And yet, there is still an emptiness that cannot be filled with external attachments.

This longing to be seen is an inside job. The depth of true belonging exists in our willingness to remove the barriers of hiding behind our roles, our personalities, our patterns of learned habits. It is a willingness to open and reveal that essence of our true nature, our inner light, our heart.  The longing to BE.

Belonging is not to something attached outside but to be present to our beauty, our grace, our magnificent light of our intrinsic nature—kindness and love. Resting in this quality, which is beyond words to describe, presents itself as a peaceful pabable experience.

The pathway is not easy and it takes a courageous longing but our souls are always seeking for this BELONGING. As I journey deeply into the teachings of yoga, I return daily to my practice not just physically but as a way to nourish my emotional and spiritual wellbeing, as a way to be enough.

I hope that this inspires and encourages you to begin to listen to the longings inside yourself and know that nothing can fulfill that void of loneliness except going into your own beingness. YAF is holding the space for your own inner journey! LONGING TO BE IS BELONGING to the space of self love. Anything is possible when we feel enough! 

We are thrilled to be a community of yoga for twenty years and on September 15 we are inviting everyone to help share in our celebration! Please save the date. 



Laura Jane

*Our June newsletter mistakenly listed the date of our 20th anniversary party as September 15, 2019. It should be September 15, 2018 - THIS YEAR!