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I am happy to welcome Megan Llambias, a fabulous new teacher taking over Marina's Sunday morning Hatha Vinyasa classes while Marina is on hiatus....

A bit from Megan...


My teaching is a Hatha Vinyassa flow class based in harmonizing the polarities that occur in human experience. Going the through the body and using our breath to initiate movement we induce harmony. I encourage my students to dive into their inner experience and awaken to the present moment. For me, “yoga is a physical technique which helps to tone the body and calm the mind, allowing us to deal with the pressures of daily life. As we become calmer, healthier and more peaceful we are able to be more creative, productive and more joyful. “ In my classes I love to combine creative sequencing and add a dose of inspiration to help you dive deeper and more fully into life, thriving in your body and your soul. My hope is to encourage people beyond the their mats and take their yoga practice into the world around them.

What you can expect from my Hatha Vinyasa class

You will experience an intermediate Interdisciplinary Vinyassa flow class. You will learn to heighten your awareness to the subtle sensations that arise as you dive deeper into the your own individual expression of yoga. Although you will experience a vigorous flow, what lies beneath the surface is the attitude of relaxed awareness. You will learn to be mindful of each pose and the space in between. In my classes you will experience a creative sequence combining conscious awareness of the breath and synchronized movement. I integrate restorative yoga postures into the end of the class to also come to a deep place of relaxation as we finish the practice.


Megan Llambias' background

Yoga has been a part of my life for the last 15 years.  My first teacher training was a 200 hr. program with Don & Amba Stapleton of Nosara Yoga Institute in 2004. Then I studied with Cheri Clampett, Therapeutic Yoga program in California. My mentor is Yoga Therapist Laura Jane Murphy-Mellencamp who has guided me personally for the last 12 years.  My career teaching began in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, then I taught in Buenos Aires Argentina, while completing a masters in Coaching, and for the last 8 years I have been raising a family based in Santa Barbara, California.  I am happy to be back in the Mid-West where I was born, and to begin teaching again.


Megan will get your heart pumping while putting your mind at ease and have your spirit glowing. Come join her for Sunday morning Hatha Vinyasa from 9-10:15am for Levels 1 & 2!