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Yoga Among Friends (YAF) is honored to announce that Joyce Owens will now bring her brilliant wisdom and teachings to Fridays starting January 2018.


In 1995, Joyce walked into my first class in the Midwest having never studied yoga. In that auspicious moment, a friendship was born.  Some people walk into our lives for a moment and others for a lifetime. Joyce is my lifetime friend, colleague, and I am honored to say, my student.  

When we opened YAF in 1998, Joyce was right there with me as one of our best teachers and today, she is by far the pillar of integrity at YAF. Her wisdom and heart are what nourish everyone that walks into the center.

When I started yoga at  age 55, I wondered if I would be able to do yoga at all. When I became certified as a yoga teacher at age 58, I wondered how long I would be able to teach. When I was still teaching yoga at age 65, I wondered when I was going to have to quit. I was always looking for an age that would tell me to stop. Now, I no longer look for that end because yoga has gently held my hand through the aging process—and it still does. In keeping with the yoga/teacher tradition and, now in my 70's, I want to pass this gift of yoga on to other people so they can live in peace, harmony, safety, health and happiness.
—Joyce Owens

Starting January 5, Joyce will begin teaching Yoga for Healthy Aging. Healthy aging is about every aspect of the human systems, and wellness is a state of mind. The tools of yoga adapt to change with the ability to stay balanced.  

Joyce has made yoga her lifestyle, and her loyalty and commitment is a testament to her practice.  She has been able to teach what she loves, and we are so grateful for her willingness now to begin this new class.  Thank you JOYCE!


Starting December 7, Thursday evenings at 6:00pm will offer a new Vinyasa Flow class, taught by Megan Llambias. 

Megan recently returned to our area after many years abroad, teaching and raising her three kids around the world. YAF is her home and welcoming her back has been a great opportunity to share her brilliant teachings.

Some of you may recognize her, she has been substitute teaching on Sunday mornings to glowing reviews while Marina was away. Now we are so pleased she has agreed to stay on and cultivate a new class. Marina returns to teach Hatha Vinyasa starting Sunday, November 26.

Please come and experience this wonderful teacher as she takes you through a vinyasa flow sequence for all levels. I have known Megan since 2004 when she started coming into YAF as a student. Today, I am honored that she is sharing her gifts with us and continuing the mission of YAF to inspire heartfelt community.  Thank you, MEGAN!