Led by Andrey Lappa, Internationally renowned master teacher

Weekend of Workshops | Friday, July 21–Sunday, July 23
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$176 — Full weekend
$68 — Individual session

Join us for a very special weekend of workshops with internationally renowned yoga master, Andrey Lappa. In Chicago for one weekend, Andrey is from the Ukraine and is our own Marina Lisjonok's teacher

Andrey developed the Universal Yoga system after two decades of intensive study and practice with spiritual teachers throughout Asia. It is a systematic approach to spiritual evolution based on the key principles of classical yoga, creativity in practice, and personal freedom. 

His theory lectures offer insightful and comprehensive knowledge and skills for harmonizing spiritual awakening through yoga with everyday life.

Andrey will guide you through a truly unique workshop experience that presents his brilliant synthesis of hatha yoga as well as his provocative insights into the more esoteric yogic practices. 

"Andrey Lappa’s Universal Yoga is a complete integrative system that empowers people of all schools and styles of yoga. The principles and practices presented are ideal for developing ultimate creative potential and achieving self-realization."
— Shiva Rea



Prepare for lecture and practice during each session. It is highly recommended to take all three sessions, as each session will build upon the previous one.

FRIDAY 6-9PM: Health, Balance and Conscious awakening through Vayus (subtle energy functions) conditioning and activation. Raja Yoga methods to trap attention and to achieve control of Consciousness with Mantrayana, Yantrayana, Tantrayana, and Vajranayana (tantric movement) practices.

SATURDAY 2-5PM: Internal Tantric methods of Bandhas and Mudras for Shakti activation and circulation of energy in the macro- and macro-orbits. Important practical techniques for successful energy awakening (welcome to take a part on the theory and observe the practice if you are in your moon-days) .

SUNDAY 2-5PM: Chakras and Rasas (psychic-emotional conditions of chakras) self-diagnostic and perfection. Rasas demonstration. Two types of Enlightenment and their practical methods for vision, hearing, and touch channels of perception.

"I asked Andrey to teach me all about yoga after experiencing deep, profound speechless and the unfamiliar state of being, during my very first class with him back in 2004. Since then he has been putting his whole heart and soul into my spiritual growth and progress. 

I see his devotion to yoga and to his students every time he teaches. His mission is to help you awaken your consciousness and feel freedom and peace. He'll introduce you to the deepest, most effective, yogic practices that took him a lifetime of gathering, learning, exploring, and testing to assure your success on your path.

He'd give you his own heart and level of his developed consciousness if he could."

— Marina Lisjonok

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